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  • Art ✏ 2021
    In what might have been the best online night this year, we used the prompt “l̵̢̰̯̔ạ̶̡̨̛̌v̶̹̽̌͘ȃ̷̬͎̞̕ ̶͚͇̽̀̚m̵̡͉͈͂̾͝å̴̡̳̋ṇ̴̐͝” to create this stunning, priceless artwork using You can see first we divided the canvas …
  • Easter eggferno 🥚
    What better way to celebrate the start of Easter than by painting eggs and then torturing them over the flames of all the junk we needed to get out of the den? Farewell, …
  • Egg shop and drop 🛍🥚
    Last week the Rovers and a linking Venturer Mad, had $8 to spend on Kmart/Reject Shop and build something that would protect an egg from a high drop.

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